Jokes. Definitely not that much.

The average that most Aussies + New Zealanders pay for their wedding photography sits around $4000 - $5000. Below are our starting rates:

Portrait Sessions are $700

Elopements start from $1,500

Weddings start from $2,900

Limited Availability
We work exclusively with no more than 25 couples per year to help them achieve their Wedding Photography goals because this allows us the time and space to build a long-lasting relationship from the beginning. This gives time for Karyn to meet with you, ask questions and get a sense for who you are and what makes you tick. It gives time for Karyn to personally edit your photographs, giving love and attention to each and every photograph that makes it to the final cut. It also allows for Karyn to take care of herself and her business in such a way, that she is able to give so much more back to you with high energy, love and attention. In other words she pours her heart and soul in to her work.

Bookings are taken on a first-serve basis, with a 25% deposit required to book your date. Wedding Payments are spread-out over 4 equal payments. The reason this is important, is that it gives you time to save for your wedding and spreads the payments out so that you aren't hit with a massive bill right before your wedding. Most wedding vendors will expect full payment two weeks prior to the event. Please ask us about our availability and a detailed quote. **Please note these prices are valid only until December 31, 2018.**



Do you believe in Marriage Equality?

Abso-freakin-lutley! There is nothing we would rather do than take pictures of people in love, whether they are gay, straight, orange, green, tall, short, male, female or somewhere in between. We have many friends and family in the LGBTQ community and we believe after everything is said and done, love is love. #lovewins


How long can we expect to receive our photographs?

For weddings anywhere from 8 - 12 weeks, and for portraits anywhere from 4 - 8 weeks. We like to get our packages out to our clients as soon as possible, however during peak season (Sept-March in Australia) it may take that little bit longer. If you need commercial photographs with a quicker turn around, this can be arranged.


Do you have insurance and back up gear?

Absolutely yes to both! :)

We also have back up hard drives, so that when we get home we immediately upload your images, so that they are safe and secure. And if the worst were to happen, ie Karyn couldn't make your wedding for death or illness, we would make arrangements to find you a suitable replacement... well Ben would ;)


How do we work with you to achieve our goals?

After the initial consultation and once you have booked with us, we have an open, reliable and honest means of communication, where we are committed to providing you with the best customer service. You can chat to us any time and ask questions at any stage throughout the planning process. We know how stressful it can become planning a wedding, and we have some good tips to share from our own wedding day.


What are you doing to protect the Earth and be sustainable?

Aside from drinking water out of glass water bottles, growing our own herbs and veggies, choosing free-range foods and recycling + reusing goods, as a small business we endeavour to cut back on paper usage as well. We have set up online systems for our clients, so that you can view and download your photographs online. We also use an online management system, that holds all your information in a safe and secure place, which includes your photography information, contracts, questionnaire and timelines. You don't need to worry about printing off a contract and sending it back, thus saving paper and time!

+ Karyn is on the team of the - check it out on instagram for more info!


We don't really like posing or having our photo taken.

Most people don't and that's totally okay.

We like to describe our photography as a kind of nostalgic, documentary-type style where the most we'll get you to do is chat to one another and just hang out, while we take snaps of the two of you interacting with each other. It's more important that you soak up the presence of being with one another. That's where the magic happens - when you forget we're there.