Golden Hour: The best time for photos on your wedding day

Golden Hour – that special time of the day, when magic happens.

If golden hour is a new concept to you, it’s best described as the time just before and after the sun sets in the afternoon or evening (depending on where you are).

At the time of writing this, it is December 21st 2018, in Perth, and the sun will set tonight at 7:22pm. How do I know this? Well I don’t have “the sight”, rather a quick google search will give you all the info you need! Which means you can literally look up any day of the year and put in a location and you will know when the sun will set.

This information is super helpful.

Winter and Summer weddings will obviously have a different sun set time, and it’s an important factor to consider when planning a wedding for a particular season.


Golden hour photography, sunset


What’s so good about Golden Hour?

Golden Hour makes EVERYTHING look AMAZING. It’s the most flattering lighting for everyone and anyone, and everything just seems to glow. It’s a really magical time of the day and you want to be using this time to take pictures of the two of you, and your wedding party.

I highly encouraged to have your “bridal shoot” photographs taken during this time. Or perhaps if you are already in your venue when the sun is setting, allow 10 minutes for the two of you to duck out in to the golden light. You won’t regret it.

Even if it’s overcast, cloudy, raining, this time of day will still look good. It always does!

So, allow some space in your timeline to have pictures taken during Golden Hour. Some photos taken during this time are absolutely to die for and even just after the sun has dropped behind the horizon. You may have 15-20mins after it has dropped to still get some epic photos. And then you can head back to the party and dance the night away!


Clements and the Fox, Golden Hour


Clements and the Fox, Beach Wedding


Clements and the Fox, Golden Hour


Clements and the Fox, Warehouse, Golden hour


Clements and the Fox, Beach Wedding, Golden Hour


Clements and the Fox, Golden Hour, Como Treasury


An alternative – Sunrise  

I’ve photographed an Adventure Shoot with a couple at sun rise, which was very romantic in the morning light, with the sun rising behind the city. This can be an intimate time for you as a couple and serves as something different and quirky. And although I’ve not seen it done often for weddings (for obvious reasons), it CAN be done. Wedding parties need to wake up and be organised a lot earlier than normal, to make it to the ceremony by sun rise. This is obviously not for everyone (I know I’d prefer my sleep) but if you’re into doing something a little alternative, it’s nice to know that there is another beautiful time of the day where the light is magical and on point!


Karyn xxx


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